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Superconscious Recode

The revolutionary method that creates fast results


The Superconscious field is thought of as 'Infinite Intelligence' or the 'Universal Mind'. It is the part of one self that is connected to the universe, it is connected to all that has ever been and all that ever will be. It is the state of mind we can reach through meditation and meditative practices, and through the connection to our intuition. It requires a peaceful mind and entering a state of 'innocence'. From this place, I am able to use processes, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming to 'Recode' the brain, forming new neurological connections, remove old limiting beliefs and emotions around trauma, leaving in it's place, wisdom. 

The Superconscious Recode is a process that allows me to connect to your Superconscious mind, the part of you that has created all memory and the part that allows us to easily treat trauma and negative emotion. When you experience a Superconscious Recode, it is not like hypnotherapy nor is it a trance, you remain completely aware, awake and in control the whole time.

How does this work? You are made up of a main personality, as well as many other sub personalities or parts and aspects of you. When these parts are separate from one another or unaware of one another, it creates internal conflict, as well as limiting beliefs. When these sub personalities or parts and aspects are working together and in alignment, it decreases the resistance we have around negative emotions, traumatic memory and removes your limiting beliefs, making space for you to create what you want, allowing you the emotional and mental freedom to move forward with whatever want in this life. Brining you closer to your inner limitless creator, and allowing you to live life to your fullest potential. Whatever it is you are wanting to create, whether it's more money, better health, a happier relationship, or simply living your true nature and purpose, we can achieve this together.

How do we do this? We do this through connecting to your Superconscious memory and the Superconscious field. Your Superconscious memory is the memory that was present before you were born and the memory that has been passed down through your family through your cells and DNA.

When you give me permission to connect to your Superconscious, I am able to connect, because at the Superconscious level we are all one. When I connect to the Superconscious I can access what aspects are causing resistance and I can share commands to treat the negative emotion, traumatic pain and limiting beliefs and leave wisdom in it's place. This happens because the Superconscious is a field of information. 

We have 3 memories: Memory #1 is a Superconscious memory that is physiological and passed down through your family, it is a field structure that informs our cells / DNA how to act and what to turn on.

Memory #2 is an unconscious memory which communicates in feelings, it runs the body and is easily trained to interpret symbols, such as language, through repetition. It can automate complex tasks like driving a car or playing sport. 

Memory # 3 is a self conscious memory that is also known as the 'Ego' and is our thinking brain or conscious experience. 

The main personality starts forming at birth or before, all memory of the main personality is stored in memory # 3. This is who is making most of the decisions - parts created through trauma or pain, disrupt the main personality and cause self sabotage, and disbelief. These parts can be in any of the 3 memory structures and can be woken up at any time. Some parts can live in the active experience and cause conflict with the main personality, some parts can be 'amnesic' to the main personality, for example, if the pain was too great or if passed down through family ecology. 

Our goal is to treat all parts and aspects so they can join the main personality and share all information, we do this by removing the emotion of the memory but keeping the content, to turn the pain into wisdom. 

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